There it is upon the page, that one tarnish on your immaculate record. And yet this time you called for this result, you wanted it to come, you held down your pen embracing its delivery. For what does it mean?

What does it mean to have this obscure shape upon your page? Where then will you find meaning? When then do we all find meaning when we eventually fail? For we all will, even those A* students at school will eventually come to realise that such practise cannot be translated into their life. Their acedemic relationship will loose its priority when it comes to emotional intelligence. 

For education is bound within its own world, its own rules and its own expectations. And to succeeed you must abide to these expectations. It is only through the minority of teachers that you wil be encouraged to fail, encouraged to challenge…those teachers who know the limits of what they teach and how these themselves will one day be renegotiated by their lone rebellious student. But remain true in the face of this, abide and learn the rules, for to know them is to learn how one day to break them, and hold that inner rebelliousness deep down. And fear not the occasional fail, for this might just be the signs of this inner rebelliousness coming through, yearning to breath and rearrange these rules they so unknowingly hold.