Why when silence befalls between two people do we automatically feel the need to fill it? As though we are fearful of what this silence will bring. And yet when we are alone we feel the need to cultivate our own quiet, relationship with silence. Then maybe it is exactly this isolation and aloneness that allows us to experience it more deeply. For if it be true that we are all truly alone then maybe it is only by being alone that we can feel ‘true’. For no matter how close we are with our loved ones that is still a part of our existence that can only be experienced when we are alone. 

Why then have relationships do you say? A question I ask myself all too often. Maybe it is because our ability to experience such silence is very limited and therefore no matter how much we crave it, our humanity limits the amount we are able to withstand. Therefore, our amounts amongst one another may be an avoidance of such depths but there are necessary outcomes of our experience and tolerance of it.