There’s holes in the sleeves, is all misshapen, you can no longer where it on itself but rather under things and you keep having to hide it from the rag pile. Why then keep it? Why hold onto this line piece of workout cloth? 

Maybe it’s because like you, it’s lived through the trials of your days, maybe you need it to survive for you to feel as you have survived, to remind you of that day when things were completely down and out, when all that you got from the day was the bitter comfort of your bed, that day when you were too tired to even take off your clothes and so you just filed under the sheets wearily. But at least that t-shirt was there. To offer you comfort when the sheets had lost nearly all meaning. 

Then why not keep that t-shirt, even now that it is most likely unwearable. Maybe now you should hide it amongst all your childhood memorabilia, but wouldn’t it then be lost! Is it better to preserve or to live out. Live out it’s days until all the frailties of every strand have peeled away from your skin and are nothing more but a pile of threads pouring through your hands.