To seek those fresh greens, void of all impurities and regulaeities. Fuller in taste, more humble in growth. We all seek to reach for these in our local haunts and yet we nearly always fall short. 

The supermarkets closer, there’s no exchange of conversation, there’s no need to show my human failures for I can be as stiff and cold as these near tasteless vegetables. 

For don’t we all seek this emotionless state, which I would suppose can go two ways. A state of emotionless which in fact allows us greater chance to recognise that world around us rather than being constantly flung between our emotions but then I would suppose there is another state. A state of emotionless that disengages rather than reengages with the world, the one which makes us blind to how we truly feel. As the prior may allow us to recognise more how we feel, a more aware sort of state. Such balances can certainly be recognised by a simple trip to the supermarket. The one with many faceless expressions bouncing between the isles, with all the same sterility as the neatly, overly white tiles beneath. 

Then maybe a conscious desicion to engage with the local green grocers is one we should still strive to do, even if it fails. A constant reawakened stance to choose to engage in whatever condition, then to mindlessly disengage.